Asma Sultana

Designer Asma Sultana started her journey as a fashion entrepreneur back in 1997.  She owns a couture line called Zoan Ash which features beautifully crafted gowns, dresses and bespoke garments. She works with luxury fabrics like silk, chiffon, silk velvet embellished with crystals, semi precious stones, hand embroidery and sequins.


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Iman Harti

Iman Harti is a Moroccan model,  master of ceremony, fashion consultant and a new member in the fabulous world of fashion designers. Iman wants her personality to shine through her up coming collection.
Hence, the reason why she has included elements of color and rare aesthetics to her latest designs.

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Margarida Goncalves

Margarida Goncalves is a fashion designer from Portugal. She is the founder of the label Donna Noir, Launched after the first lock down in 2020. Donna Noir is a brand that represents the image of a strong and bold woman, and Margarida believes that fashion is a freedom of choice.

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Nidhi Kumar

Originally from India and based in Dubai, Nidhi Kumar is the brain behind the brand .BYNK and has been fascinated by exquisite clothing for a long time which inspired her to start her own line. Nidhi says that the pandemic helped her gain momentum. She will be exposing what she has been working on during the lock down.

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Reena Khurram

Reena Khurram is from Pakistan. After enjoying more than a decade as a home maker and full time mom, Reena decided to explore the fashion world by designing her own clothing line. She will launching  her brand R- Kouture on the Runway this November, and has promised classy, elegant and diverse styles that appeals to the confident and powerful woman.

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Sania Daniel

Sania Daniel the owner/designer of The House of Nubian who represents innovative outfits that are a fusion of Middle Eastern, British, European and African designs. The House of Nubian reflects richness in culture, with designs that are found in African fabrics, from nations and Kingdoms from which the Queens of Nubia reigned.


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Zineb Maazouz

Zineb Maazouz is a Moroccan designer. She is inspired by her mom who is a seamstress. Zineb started her career as a flight attendant until the covid lock down, which prompted her to focus on her love for fashion. In fashion, creation comes from passion.

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