Project Description

Youssra Boudchi

Growing up like most other kids, I was not thinking about the future or what kind of profession I should choose. However, ever since I was young I knew that what I loved the most  was art and traveling.
At around the age of 10, I found myself drawing fashion sketches and would keep them with my diaries.
Although I was very passionate about art and fashion design, I ended up pursuing  my other passion in travelling and ended up working in the aviation industry.
Being in over 50 countries and seeing all of the beautiful different landscapes, cultures and arts, I was amazed by all of the beauty that I was not able to see prior to working in aviation. After seeing so many different scenes, my passion for design became even stronger as I saw many more possibilities. With every trip I took, I would get even more inspired until I decided to pursue my dream in fashion design and bring my visions to life.
I put a lot of effort in every single piece I design and I strongly believe that true success comes from hard work, dedication and persistence.
The collection that I am currently working on is inspired by the sunset in the Mediterranean sea. One of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenes is watching the sun setting over the sea. For me, I love watching the sunset because it reminds me that no matter how hard the day was, there is always something beautiful to see at the end of everyday… something that brings a bright tomorrow.
This collection to me is more than just a collection. It means emotions, memories, overcoming struggles and most of all not giving up no matter how hard it gets.