Project Description

Lyhfralyn P. Galo

Lyn Galo loves fashion. Growing up in the Philippines, she pursued a degree in Fashion design and marketing at the School of Fashion and Arts, in Manila. Soon after graduating, she pursued her career in the Fashion Industry and launched her first fashion show collection in 2016. This help expose Lyn’s raw talent, which got her into collaborating with renowned magazine companies.

Lyn loves fashion shows, and has collaborated with the local celebrities in the Philippines. She focused on Bridal gowns, entourage, evening wear and Costumes. Lyn’s designs featured on television and movies. One of her achievements is to be featured on international magazine, Vogue Italia.

Lyn Galo pulls her inspiration from art, history and fantasy; her design aesthetic is classic elegant, with added sophistication. She loves working with rich, heavy design patterns and beadworks, and continues to travel the world for design inspiration.