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Project Description

Youssra Boudchi

My name is Youssra and I am Moroccan Canadian. Growing up I was always passionate about Fashion and Travel.

At aroud the age of 10 I started drawing fashion sketches which I still have to this day. Although I was very passionate about fashion design, I ended up studying Travel and Tourism in college. After I graduated from college, I worked as cabin crew for an airline, and I also got the chance to work as a sales manager for The Bay, one of the biggest fashion retail stores in Canada.

Working in the fashion industry and being a cabin crew which allowed me to visit many countries, countless cities and experiencing the diversity of the world made me even more passionate about fashion design so, I decided to go to a fashion school to pursue my dream.
In school I learned the correct techniques of fashion sketching, basic tailoring and some pattern making which gave me confidence to bring my talents to life.

I chose wonder woman for my theme collection, to represent an honest, powerful and an independent woman that travels through time. She is a strong woman who believes in peace and who finds her strength through her motives and passion.
My collection is made of metallic colors, simple and modern fabric that suits a confident, classy and a strong woman. A woman who is courageous and who knows how to carry herself.