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Project Description

Yasmin Mamlouk

My name is Yasmin Mamlouk. I am an artist and a fashion designer from Aleppo Syria, and studied fashion design in Esmod Syria.

My belief is that realism comes from great visualisation in my designs. I am inspired by the Aleppo Citadel, one of the oldest and largest castles in the world. My collection represents the authentic woman with a touch of modernity and femininity.

I am looking forward to showing my new collection inspired by the Japan war, and their culture of refilling the cracks of broken bowls with golden lines creating a whole new concept of beauty. I am connecting this with the famous engraved snakes on the doors of the citadel in Aleppo biting their tails. This represents the recreation after death, and renewal of the universe’s cycle. This goes to show that what has been destroyed and broken, can still look beautiful when we choose to be reconstructive. I am proud of what we went through.