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Project Description

Yanina Obihiro

Yanina Obihiro is a Japanese designer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since she was 6 years old, through her parents business she had the chance to live and travel around the world giving her a multi diverse perspective.

After graduating from the Arabic Islamic Institute in Japan, she studied in Qatar and USA, and majored in languages and aviation, and later on, went into Fashion and Jewelry designing.

This collection she inspired by the Queen of Space , Stars and Sky which is the reason why her designs will be under the color pallet of Gold , Blue and Black. A haute couture collection with Japanese esthetics.

She loves art, and design, and after attending few exhibitions about Arabic Calligraphy, she became fascinated about this world that is full of different cultures. She discovered the glamour in hidden beauty, now creating a new concept of international ideas for a new fashion collection.