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Project Description

Tshering Yangki

My name is Tshering Yangki, top ten finalist designer in Runway Dubai.

I was born in Bhutan, and grew up in a family of weavers. I admired how my Mom wove our traditional dresses.

Even though I am not from a wealthy family, and fashion is not something that people are aware of in Bhutan, I wouldn’t be confident if I didn’t dress properly and made sure I look presentable.

I love to travel, explore and capture moments of luxury and style. I studied hotel management and in the past, and worked in luxurious hotels like the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa.

I have always wanted to be a role model to inspire Bhutan’s youth. I think that fashion will be of massive scope in the future of Bhutan, and I want to be a pioneer in this industry.

After taking a fashion design course at the Campuster college of design, I designed a small collection, and arranged a photo shoot with a Bhutanese actress.

I love designing unique and unusual garments. This is my first time designing and participating in Runway Dubai, and I am very proud of myself.