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Project Description

Szandra Akkach

Larimar By Szandra is a brand inspired by the Larimar crystal which originates from the coast of the crystal clear Caribbean waters. The crystal is a water element stone with volcanic origins, symbolizing both tranquility and serenity and fire and passion, representing the modern woman. It tells a story of beauty and femininity, of fluidity and fusion. Szandra, the creative designer behind the brand, bases her creations on her personal style. The pieces are trendy, feminine, exclusive and elegant, with a strong theme and unique brand identity. Szandra herself represents fusion; she grew up in the multi-cultural city of Dubai, and her father is Syrian/Turkish and her mother is Hungarian/German. A multi-lingual Arab-European, her cultural mix is strongly evident in her work. Larimar By Szandra creates modern abayas, evening dresses and bridal gowns, handmade with intricate beadwork, pure silks and light chiffons. This season’s theme ‘Sunset Sea’ reflects the colors of the sunset at the peak of dusk with fabrics flowing like ocean waves, bringing to you an unforgettable and thrilling experience in blended shades of twilight.