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Project Description

Szandra Akkach

Szandra Akkach is a passionate designer and creative director of the brand Larimar by Szandra.

A young and talented entrepreneur, Szandra owns other businesses, and supports women in the U.A.E

Originating from the coast of the crystal clear Caribbean waters, the Larimar crystal (“mar” being Spanish for “sea”) tells a story of beauty, femininity, peace and serenity. Fundamentally a water element stone, its volcanic origins are fiery and passionate, balancing the energies of water and fire, and embracing the qualities of the strong and independent modern woman.

I am using only the finest materials, and original Larimar crystals in my creations. My target is to create unique pieces with heavy beading and, flowy fabrics just like the ocean waves. The vibrant colors reflecting blue sea, and encompassing a mystical feel combining myth and magic”..

Coming to life on the sunny coast of Dubai, Larimar brings to you its inimitable designs and hopes to instill glamor and class to customers, with every interaction and magical experience to be forever remembered.