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Project Description


Shilpa Nair is from India. She is a self-motivated and enthusiastic person with a strong passion for creativity. Shilpa started in the industry as a model, and this enhanced her interest in fashion design and art. She also picked up painting as a hobby, this helped her designs unique and unusual. Not long after, She started making customized clothing for her friends and family. After graduating as an Engineering Management professional, She was motivated to pursue the creative aspect of her career. The encouragements from friends and family motivated her to chase her passion for fashion.

Shilpa took up a design course to learn the basic techniques in fashion designing. She currently focuses on designing bridal wear, her designs are inspired by nature, and her love for the arts. She is looking forward to launching her brand in the near future. Her dream is to make every woman know the importance of timeless fashion and beauty. At the moment, Shilpa is happy going through all the opportunities and challenges that crosses her path in the industry.