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Project Description

Samah Shublaq

Samah Shublaq  is an emerging Talent from Palestine. She moved to Dubai to study Information Systems in College. After graduating, she decided to pursue another career inFashion design, and enrolled at the Campustar design college In the Knowledge park Dubai.

“I am passionate about fashion design and styling, so I went back to study how to sketch and construct garments. I also took courses in textile design, and styling.

My motivation is the response I get when construct a garment. I designed my first collection “Butterflies” which was presented at the Runway Dubai 2014 fashion talent contest. I was happy to have been chosen as the top designers for that year, and I took home the trophy as 3rd place in the competition.

After that, I started my ready couture brand “Samah Shublaq”. The brand’s strength lies in balancing between new ideas, and fabric quality. My favourite garments are crepes, velvet and organza. I like to show the personality of a strong woman through my brand”.

Samah has since then, collaborated with different TV presenters from Dubai and Abu Dhabi Media, and is also a member of the Dubai design and fashion council. Samah will be showcasing her pocket collection supporting the Runway Dubai campaign 2017 #fashiontourism with Palestine in Focus.