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Project Description

Salihat Rahaman

AbayaLagos is a luxury modest wear women’s fashion line that designed for the discerning high net worth individual who is looking to wear elegance, opulence and class. The brand takes great inspiration from Arabian/ Ottoman and ancient African cultures, depicting the vibrancy of colour and richness of fabric. 

The pieces mainly comprise of abayas (outer wear), kaftans and handcrafted turbans. AbayaLagos introduces vibrancy and uniqueness to overall modest dressing in terms of colour, fabric texture and silhouette. 

AbayaLagos was conceived out of a need for fashionable and unique modest wear by the talented designer Salihat Rahaman. Her designs also carry a message of inclusivity, where all of our pieces are quite adaptable to all shapes and sizes.

The AbayaLagos woman is a global individual. She is very current on the international fashion scene and is very particular about what she wears and how she looks. She wants to be the only one looking the way she does wherever she goes.