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Project Description

Olga Vasileva

By Vasileva (designer Olga Vasileva) is passionate about Modern Ukrainian Vyshyvanka or embroidered garment. She launched her brand in 2015, along with dresses created with love and care. The designer herself is directly involved with the creation of each garment, inspiring  them with positive energy. The basic principles  of her brand is high quality Production, the use of natural fabric, and Ukrainian traditions in modern fashion. She is also involved in the creation of practical dresses in all sizes that are suitable for any occasion.

An important and distinctive feature of the brand is the possibility to create  unique embroidery at the customers request. The customer can define their color choice, as well as specify the shape and size. Only high quality Italian Fabrics are used for the embroidery, which is made with 100% natural linen. Her collection pixel rose is a bright and massive embroidery design that is based on Old tradition carried all over the world, and transformed into computer technology. pixel Rose is a modern vision of old patterns. Every garment is made with love.