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Project Description

Norish kareem

Norish Kareem Couture was created with a clear objective to offer modern style Abayas that can be complemented with the hijab.  The collection integrates high quality fabrics with international standards. Norish’s goal, is to impact her fellow Muslim women with values.

She believes that as a Muslim woman, Shopping for clothes should leave the stores feeling happy, boosting her confidence, and reinforcing her commitment to the faith. She Realizes the demand for bespoke fashion within a lot of Muslim women, and loves attending to clients individually.She works together with her dedicated and efficient design team, professional crafts Men from around the world.

Her goal is to ensure her costumer leaves satisfied, and ready to wear the brand with confidence. Norish says that her collection is not open only to Muslim women, but to all fashion lovers around the world.  A collection that is modest, stylish, unique and tasteful. Focusing on distributing worldwide.Norish Kareem Couture also produces modern, fashionable clothes for both men and women.

Norish has collaborated with jewelry designers from France and Italy to create The signature Norish Kareem couture.