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Project Description

Mounia El Hsaini

Mouny Creation is a caftan brand created by Mounia El Hsaini, a Moroccan fashion designer who is based in Paris. Designing clothes and tailoring was the first thing I learned when I was a child. I studied business, but after graduating I went back to designing, as that is what I love doing the most. Now, I have my own store in Paris, where I sell my collections as well as customized orders. I have been doing many fashion shows all over the world, and interviews on TV as well. I have even designed dresses for Moroccan celebrities.

My designs are simple, and I elevate them by incorporating luxurious and high-end fabrics like Calais lace, crepe Georgette, and velvet. I even use Moroccan stones and crystals. For this collection, I drew inspiration from nature, animals, and flowers. The designs are influenced by Moroccan traditions and embroidery.