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Project Description

Monic Artwear

The Monic (pronounced Mon-eek) Artwear Label is the transference of the paintings and sculptures of the Artist/Designer into original wearables that envelope the human structure in mystery, beauty and comfort.  Monic Artwear is the concept of artist/designer Monic, based in Malibu, California. The artist/designer has used her natural, fine tuned artistic talent, that she terms “Intuitive Constructivism”, to express the idea of unity and oneness in a fashion line, that allows the human body to be the canvas and the garments to be the artistic expression. Simply put, you wear the art and the art wears you thus, expressing the governing axiom of oneness. The mission of Monic Artwear is to stimulate the aura and direct the mind and body towards unity and oneness as defined by the algebraic monic polynomial. The concept of fusing art and fashion has been given a potent and fresh rebirth by Monic in this synergetic fusion of unique, original and progressive art with beautiful and comfortable fashion with the purpose of elevating the human spirit.