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Project Description

Margratte Deb

My name is Margratte Deb, I am a self taught designer, who tries to incorporate perspectives into my designs. Life has always provided me ample supply of such perspectives, right from the time I dressed up my Barbie to the time I surprised myself by draping my mother’s simple, yet elegant Indian Saree. Born in the most beautiful country in the world, in my eyes, color combination comes natural to me. We have so many festivals that celebrate color and creativity. To perfect my natural talent, I enrolled for a fashion course at the Campustar fashion college in Dubai and Taksheel fashion school. Living in Dubai has opened doors for me to explore my passion. I am happy to be part of the final fashion contest because I want to show people diversity in creativity, and infect people with my passion for design. I love colors, and fashion to me is a harmony of colors, an elegant and wearable form of creativity, and an opportunity with infinite possibilities.