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Project Description

Mahnoor Khizer

‘House of m/m’ is a new entrant in the world of fashion. It is being established by the dynamic duo Maryam Khizer and Mahnoor Khizer from Pakistan. Their first sustainable fashion collection ‘Ostrich Wool-18’ has already received huge appreciation from the USA’s fashion connoisseurs during fashion events being held in Houston, Austin and Dallas.

Maryam Khizer is an emerging fashion designer. She attended Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD), country’s premier fashion institute. The fashion school helped Maryam to learn that sustainable fashion is a concoction of high-end design, up cycling, employing traditional methods of fabrication, taking on-board local artisans and leaving green foot prints behind during the entire process of product creation. For Mahnoor Khizer fashion is more than just a business, she believes that it is a unique way of expressing your ideas, ideals and believes. Furthermore, it helps us to connect with others.

House of m/m uses ethically harvested ostrich feathers for their collection ‘Ostrich Wool-18 (II)’ particularly designed for showcasing at RunwayDubai. Feather fibers are blended with cotton for spinning thread over hand run spinning wheels. Handlooms are used for weaving the fabric. Realising that artisan’s handiwork is a dying art due to the threat of fast fashion, ‘house of m/m’ base their collections on 3 key principles: unique, handmade, mappable social and environmental impact.