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Project Description

Josette Bayoro

Josette Bayoro is a designer on a mission to educate the world on tapping into one’s inner beauty and expressing it outwardly through fashion. In doing so, people will realize their self-worth and therefore, help to raise a nation of strong and influential individuals.

Her Mom passed away at the age of Three, and Josette was taken by an Aunt who she lived with until she left for college. Josette was a style icon in school she always stood out from the crowd and her friends would go to her for style advice. After graduating from college, she was fortunate to get a good job in the corporate sector.

Josette worked for years, at the same time raising a family, but always had an unfulfilled mission at the back of her mind. Josette’s true passion is fashion. She proudly launched her fashion line at the age of 70. She has taught a lot of girls that a true woman stays classy inside and out.

Josette believes that women should keep raising that bar to be style conscious at any age. Josette will be speaking at the press dinner on the 8th of November on the different ways that you can influence the Fashion Industry. Do not miss Joppa couture by Josette Bayoro making history on the Runway Dubai Platform.