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Project Description


Ikramini is an Iraqi-born designer based in Sweden. She is an engineer, who since her childhood had so much passion for everything Artistic. Ikramini grew up with the dream of having her own line in the fashion industry. After years of passionate work and inspired designs, she finally achieved her goal of being the first designer in the history of the UAE to display her designs through a live drama, on the Runway Dubai season III platform. She also had the opportunity to show her true life experiences in the fashion industry at the Vox Cinemas in Dubai. Ikramini has been recently described as a power house, and a force to reckon with in the fashion and art industry. Her passion of combining the magic of the middle eastern designs, with the European elegance, and creating her own shows in a theatrical, musical, story-telling style.

Her designs are all handmade. She believes in making every piece unique, and does not repeat the same design twice. Her creation ranges from long-dresses, to Abayas and Shawls. Ikramini’s signature couture consists of a colorful variety of fabrics, threads, and sometimes, hand painted calligraphy art.