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Project Description

Engeleena Lingam Padyachi

My name is Engeleena Lingam Padyachi. I was born and brought up in a small pacific island nation called Fiji. I now reside in New Zealand. I consider myself an emerging designer, and I try to sought fashion opportunities outside New Zealand. The Runway Dubai talent contest will provide a platform for me to show my creativity and expose my brand to a much larger audience compared to the very small market in New Zealand. The testimony of my multi-skilled talent is in My designs. My collection is inspired by the tranquility of nature which is full of life and movement. Every living being is unique and unrepeatable. My collection adds a touch of exoticism and femininity by fusing tradition with a modern look. Casual wear inspired by Fijian national dress, Sulu Jaba. The talent contest will enable me to connect with industry experts, established designers and local artisans. My ambition is to open my first retail store in Dubai.