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Project Description

Bhawna Bhutad

I am a sustainable jewellery designer, selling jewellery made out of waste material and I aspire to become a sustainable fashion designer in future.

The collection for this year is inspired by the theme Sci-Fi, focussing on the futuristic fashion. My muse for this collection is a female who is an amalgamation of both good and bad, and has a strong ad bold image. Like Nyota Uhura and Borg Queen in Star Trek series.

The clothes have lot of angles and geometrical shapes which are inspired by the textures and graphics of sci-fi movies.

The colour theme chosen is black and white, which even signifies YIN and YANG where YANG represents the active or the positive approach and YIN represents the passive or the negative approach.

All human beings are a balance of Yin and Yang at the soul level and that is what I have tried to capture through my designs.