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Project Description

Araoluwa Popoola

Araoluwa Popoola, a young vibrant Nigerian youth with a vision to challenge the status quo, a graduate in Microbiology on journey to become one of the most sought after fashion designers in Africa. Aramanda International, established in Nigeria with a sense of style that can be described as an infusion of the ‘Old’ & ‘New’ Nigeria projecting enviable designs and tailoring standards to the outside world.

With cutting edge fashion prowess, and professionalism, the Aramanda brand has tailored royalty from various parts of Nigeria, and have recently extended their clientele to Rwanda. Aramanda’s garments have been worn on red carpet events by celebrities from Africa. The brand’s goal is sustainability, uniqueness, along with establishing a solid clientele in the fashion world. Aramanda’s focus is reaching out to countries like Ethiopia, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Italy, United States and United Arab Emirates.