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Project Description

Amneek Bhattessa

Amneek Bhattessa is experienced in many areas of communications, including traditional and online marketing, as well as entertainment branding. After a decade in the business, she has developed expertise in product development, TV production, banking, and marketing strategy. Entertainment and styling concepts are key drivers in her overall delivery and performance in all areas.

“Taking part in Runway Dubai Season IV was a lifelong goal of becoming a fashion designer, and showcasing my work. I had such a great experience working with the team, also meeting all the contestants. Like they say: “The journey is what matters”, and it was a wonderful journey for me. Winning the competition was the icing on the cake, and I feel very honored to have my first couture line showcasing this year at the season V show.

Amneek holds a BA in communications from St. John’s University in New York, and has taken fashion design courses at the Parsons School of Fashion in New York.